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public art

Bristol Heart and Lung Hospital

End emitting fibre optics illuminating hundreds of cast translucent resin cones. Changes colour throughout the evening. Rhythm of the sculptural form is inspired by the rhythm of a heart.

Winner of the Best Design for Healthcare Award.
Nottingham Railway Station
Interactive lines of coloured LED's change colour and patterns in response to trams entering and departing the station.

A new line of poetry is projected each nigh in recognition and celebration of Nottingham's UNESCO City of Literature status. Poems taken from around the world.
Yorkshire Art Space, Sheffield

Cold cathode lights enclosing stainless steel rods that flex in the wind and reflect the light.

A series of spun stainless steel hemispheres are illuminated by one spotlight from above to increase the drama of the shadows.

Nominated for the Prime Minister's Building of the Year.

Chimney lighting, Burnley

Projected image of cotton patterns created for the cotton production in Burnley when it was the cotton producing powerhouse of the world.