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3d prints 

Chess set. 

Inspired by the characteristics of chess pieces and the 1966 World Cup wining football players. 
1. Pawn Nobby Styles
2. Knight Martin Peters
3.Queen Jackie 'Bloomer' Charlton
4. Bishop Geoff Hurst
5. King Bobby le Charlton
6. Castle George Cohen
Subconscious buildings

Exploring the relationship between our psychological states and love of buildings.
Subconcious space 

Exploring how the primal minds needs to understand narratives. Each tablet offers the potential for the viewer to construct their own story, what is the relationship between the historical figure, contemporary background, geometric forms and digital words with two meanings? These pieces explore the space between the subconscious and conscious.
Story tiles

Set of tiles exploring the power of narrative. Do our minds have an intrinsic need to create narrative as part of our need to understand the world around us.

A poem and figure in each tile suggests a meaning, one which the viewer pieces together.