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An interactive piece  inspired by the ever changing colours in nature. As people get close to the artwork the drums of variable colour rotate slowly and randomly create constantly shifting colour patterns.
Interactive Zen Garden
machine - circle
Inspired by hearing a conversation between Monty Don and a Japanese Zen gardener. The Zen gardener talked with such passion about the 'materiality' of the stones he used and I wanted to make a zen garden drawing machine immediately that responds to people as they move close.
Shakespeare insult machine​

Shakespeare usually insulted people in his work using either 5 or 6 word descriptions. I have placed these words in their original positions in a row but the machine changes the specific word each time whilst retaining the rhythm and structure of his original insults.

Rheoscopic fluid

Interactive vortex that is triggered by people approaching. An unseen sculptural paddle inside the fluid creates currents in combination with an immersed mini water pump.
The rheoscopic fluid creates slow motion movement.
Interactive 3d letters which separate and reconfigure as people approach.
The patterns give reference to the mechanical world in relation to God.