Wave, Seaham - SEAHAM, COUNTY DURHAM, 2012

Wave, Seaham


Integrated design of external glass, internal glass, external lighting, internal lighting and physiotherapy curtains. 13 interior animated glass panels where images on the glass move in relation to people passing by. The imagery created for the animated glass is adapted for the physiotherapy cotton curtains.

The top room of the building is illuminated by lights which change colour in relation to the local tidal movement. Reception lighting made from 2030 individually programmed lights creating a volume of colour changing light. 13 sequences programmed were inspired by the sea and weather conditions.


The key to the site was the buildings relationship with the sea. The key to the project was a holistic design that helped link different areas of the building and public realm. I lit the top room of the building with LED spotlights which changed colour with the local tidal changes.

I created manifestation lines throughout the building based on extracts from local children’s poems. I created animated glass panels where images of isobars, lines of poetry and the local lighthouse came to life as people walked passed. These images were then used as stills for the curtains in the physiotherapy rooms. The reception area contained a two meter high programmable LED’s which create a series of gentle rhythms of colour that relate to the sea. This creates a volume of colour.


2030 individually programmable LEDS soldered to form a volume of programmable light. Each LED has three resistors. Over 13000 soldered joints in total. 13 colour changing programme sequences 4 minutes long run randomly with the proviso that a sequence can’t run again immediately after it has just completed its cycle.

Silk-screened animated toughened glass. 13 panels.

Cotton curtain with bacteria free coating

13 colour changing spotlights change colour with the local tide.