30 cold cathode circular tubular lights sit 40cms proud of the concrete façade to soften the grey surface. Each light has a 1.5 metre stainless steel rod emanating from its centre. These flex in the wind and reflect the light.

The tall south facing façade is adorned with 48 hand spun, stainless steel hemispheres which reflect the light during the day and are illuminated by a single spotlight in the evening.

Shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Building of the Year.



I wanted to subtly enliven the concrete façade during the day and night. I located blue cold cathode lights 10 cm’s proud of the concrete surface so that the light would spill onto the flat concrete and soften its appearance. I sited a 1.5 meter long stainless steel shiny rod in the centre of each light (into existing bolt holes). These waver in the wind and the cold cathode lights glint off their surface.

Hand spun stainless steel hemispheres located in the existing bolt holes of the exterior lift shaft wall catch the sun on this south facing wall. One spotlight at the top of the wall creates a series of diverging shadows

I included a set of narrow spotlights around the back of the building to extend the sense of care for the building – not just the entrance.


30 cold cathode hand bent circular lights. Glass cabling between each light.

30 lengths of stainless steel rod

48 hand spun stainless steel hemispheres

Pencil spotlights shining down 5 columns to the rear of the building