Mr Arkwright - mr arkwright

Mr Arkwright

mr arkwright

Mr Arkwright is a bicycle driven, water powered drawing machine that takes inspiration from Richard Arkwright's mind. He harnessed water power to power his own water frames to make cotton.

Here I have got a tandem and people peddling produce enough power to power a helical pump which pushes water around the clear acrylic tubes. A paddle is located in the clear acrylic tube and the rushing water rotates the paddle. The paddle rotates an axil which has two cams on it. These move a penicl to draw a heart.


Thank you to Cromford Mills staff, Beam, Great Places Scheme, Arts Council, Matt Little, University of Nottingham and Kelvin Lowe and Will Harvey at Makers of Nottingham.


Photos by Waldemar Kripp and Lisa Daniels