InterSection - Leeds



The lighting is designed to visually dovetail with the large diagonal glass façade. The lines of individually programmable LED’s echo this dynamism.


We then connected the two triangles located 30 metres apart with lines of individually programmable LED’s which create complex parallaxes as people move around the building. The space becomes active. To further animate the space we have programmed the lines of light to gently change all the time. Here was an opportunity for a poetic side of InterSection.


The lighting has a seasonal colour palette and changes colour and pattern in relation to local historical events. For example, the Central Sq. site was where the Mallard set off on its record speed steam journey (126mph) and this has been translated into a Mallard Blue swirls of colour at 1.26pm. In 1755 (17.55pm) the streets of Leeds were first lit with oil lamps. Gentle flickering is seen in the lower third of the artwork in yellowy orange. These events change every week throughout the year.

Architect: DLA (John Orrell).  Fabricator: Stage One.  Lighting: Blinding Light.  Photography: Carl Milner.