Conversation for Three -

Conversation for Three

Conversation for Three (C43) is an emotionally responsive table. A dining experience with a difference, combining art, science, theatre and philosophy. A table that detects two diner’s emotional changes during a conversation and projects different films, animations, conversational suggestions, film quotes and emits sounds depending on the emotions being detected.


The conical salt and pepper shaker rotate 360 degrees when a diner has a drink, almost like the table is wagging its tail at the pleasure of the occasion.


The menus are not just menus. They are codes. The plates are not just plates. They are codes. As the waiter places the menu on the table a webcam in the light shade above the table detects the code and the interactive dining experience is set off with an integrated light in the table top now responding to the diners head movement. A simple but strong indication of cause and effect.


After the diners order their first course the table is now detecting their emotions via two webcams sited in a vase in the centre of the table. Facial recognition software is programmed to detect various emotions and these are used as triggers for various categories of films. At any moment the diners might be asked one of fifty questions such as ‘What is your opinion on freedom of speech’? Or ‘if you were invisible for a day what would you do”?


If happiness is registered then films of a dancing chef project from the light shade above the table onto the area next to the diners plates. There are 50 films and one is randomly selected each time. If neutral is detected then a front of house character arrives on the table delivering wine whilst dancing in different states of inebriation. These two characters are also made in physical form and stand on the table overlooking the playing field of the dining action. When the diners look at these two small statues then a film quote is projected from within the table onto an integrated screen.


The chef and front of house characters can also be seen as models in a diorama within the table, both relaxing on a Chesterfield sofa. Now it is the time for the diners to be doing the observing.


When the bill is brought to the table an integrated code triggers a soundtrack from within the table, like the tables voice, the last minute of sound track taken from various films.


Collaboration with the Mixed Reality Lab and Architecture Dept, University of Nottingham.