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York City Council




York City Council new building. An interactive film projection sited internally at the West Offices entranceway, showing an old fashioned Station Master going about his duties.

The film is responsive to people moving through the reception space. In it the Station Master performs a number of actions such as walking across the platform with a cup of tea, waving to the public, reading a paper and eating a sandwich – there are a few cheeky night-time shots of the Station Master in his night gown making himself a cup of horlicks in his kitchen.

The site is the former York railway station.

Film showing the project can be viewed via the Vimeo button.

Thanks to:

Sebastien Boyesen

Lawrence Pearce

Ian Giles

York City Council



The old railway building has been reconstructed to house York City Council. Elements and character of the previous building have been retained. I wanted this piece to reference the distinct history of the location. The railway was so important to York and this site retains many of the original railway features.

I have tried to make a welcoming piece that fits in with the character of the building – on the one hand quite old fashioned and reassuring and on the other having a very forward looking nature with the programming for this interactive film.