Holmes Tunnel, Derby - Derby.

Holmes Tunnel, Derby



Gold panels form a cladding in the recess of Holmes Tunnel, Derby city centre. There is a strip of LED uplighting hidden within the track along the length of both sides of the recess which illuminate the gold at night time. There are also 20 LED spotlights pointing downwards onto the river to create rippling reflections.

There is an additional length of diffused LED lighting along the footpath so that the entire lighting scheme also aids the public's safety.

A small sculptural turbine in the river utiliises the movement of the River Derwent to create power which is sold to the National Grid. Some of the fund created from this artwork is allocated towards the cost of the lighting and some towards an annual fund for local projects which encourage Derby students who are interested in art, architecture and sustainability at it's heart.

Massive thanks to:

Seb Boyesen, Simon Wilkins, Paula Moss, Mike Preston, the TV Team, Helen Oakes, Helen Acton and  Derby City Council.

Thank you to Andrew Hilton for the photographs.



Derby City Council set up this project to be guided by a young group of enthusiastic Derby volunteers under 18 years old. Under the guidance of Paula Moss and Mike Preston the ‘Tunnel Vision’ team created a brief for me to design from.

Throughout the process these youngsters have contributed their thoughts and I’d like to thank them for their smartness and enthusiasm throughout the project. Thanks too to Paula and Mike for their generous and thoughtful guidance of the TV team during the entire process. This was noted by OPUN who categorised this work as Exemplar.