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Burnley lighting


Permanent gobo projections onto two chimneys in the new Weavers Triangle public Square, Burnley. The first three images here show an image inspired by the hand carved wooden blocks used to print onto the cotton produced at this Mill. 

The film projections onto Slater Terrace at the side of the canal are interactive. 50 short videos are activated randomly when someone walks along the canal towpath, across the bridge into the Square or into the Square from Neptune Street and trigger the four PIR's located nearby. The films are like surreal memories of the Mill. Mr George Slater built this Mill in 1840 and the terrace is named after him. He stands at either end of the film image. The eight chimneys in the film come to life independently and create an orchestrated surreal architectural dance.

The penultimate photograph shows the second chimney on the Square which has a series of gobo projections where a shuttle moves up and down the chimney. After 25 seconds of shuttle movement the image slowly fades and a new projection of an engineers drawing of a dobby loom appears, shown in the final photograph. These looms were used in this Mill and are also replicated in the 3d animated zoetropes where there are 20 x 3d printed images of a weaver working a dobby loom.

Massive thanks to Burnley Borough Council, Cecilia Whitaker, Helen Jones, Adam Lockett, James Moran-Zietek, Nayan Kulkarni and a special thanks to Duncan Turner. Photographs by Andy Frost.