Burnley zoetropes - Burnley

Burnley zoetropes


Three dimensional animated zoetropes. Weavers Triangle, Burnley. two zoetropes have been made for the Weavers Triangle. The imagery was created after looking into the incredible history of Burnley and the cotton industry in particular. There are 18 x 3d printed figures in each animated zoetrope in slightly different positions which come to life as 3d animations when the handle is turned, the drum of figures rotate and a timed strobe light illuminates each figiure extremely quickly as they pass the viewing aperture. Through persistence of vision they appear as small moving figures.

The casing of the zoetrope has a section of John Trafford Clegg's (1857-1895) poem written in the rich local dialect of a Victorian mill worker called 'A Weighver's Song'. This is sited within a red band referencing the red and white striped tea towels woven on a dobby loom at Trafalga Mill. This band is further referenced in the illumination of the chimney. The lighting is due to be launched shortly and photographs will follow.

Massive thanks to Cecilia Whitaker, Seb Boyesen, Adam Lockett, Helen Jones, James Moran-Zietek and the Burnley Borough Council. Thanks to  Andrew Hilton for the photographs.