Jo’s design ethos is to create holistic work where every detail is important. He extracts current technological principles and weaves them into his projects, bringing a sense of the human touch to wonderful technology.

Jo has been designing for public and private spaces since 1996. His designs cover sculptural lighting, architectural glass, public squares, public art, sculptural seating, digital film, interactive film and lighting for dance.

Jo initially trained in sculpture and then studied holography at the Royal College of Art. Jo learnt how to make holographic films during an international residency at the Holocentre, New York. He became a NESTA Fellow having been awarded a NESTA Dream Time Award to develop this work into virtual reality.

He has received ten Arts Council Awards, The Wingate Scholarship, The New Technologies Award and two Oxford Film and Video Awards.

Jo works in ‘flexible clusters’ – rolling teams with different expertise, resulting in Jo working with experts in many fields.